Home Loan

  • Low interest rates

  • Low processing charges

  • Higher loan amount

  • Free credit card

  • Free accidental insurance

  • Longer tenures

  • Easy top-up loans

Loan amount:

The approved home loan amount varies according to location and income of the applicants. For instance, in semi-urban and rural areas the maximum amount is Rs. 1 crore, while in metros the maximum home loan amount can range from Rs. 5 crores to Rs. 10 crores.

Interest rate:

The interest rate is linked to Aadhar Repo Linked Lending Rate (ARLLR) of the bank and is reset monthly.

Tenure and moratorium:

The tenure on our home loans varies based on the loan amount and the income of the borrower, and the maximum tenure is 30 years. There is also a moratorium period on home loans, which can be a maximum of up to 36 months after the loan amount is disbursed.


We require collateral against home loans. Generally, we accept mortgages of the constructed or purchased property as collateral. In some cases, collateral for home loans can be accepted in the form of insurance policies, government promissory notes, shares and debentures, gold ornaments, etc.

All resident and non-resident Indians between the age of 21 and 70 years are eligible for our home loans.

You can avail the home loan for:

  • Purchase of new/old dwelling unit.

  • Construction of a house

  • Purchase of plot of land for construction of a house.

  • Repaying a loan already taken from other Housing Finance Company/Bank.

  • Repayment period up to 30 years (floating rate option).

  • Reimbursement of cost of plot of land (purchased within 24 months).

To check out the documents required for Aadhar Housing Home Loan Click Here

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